From Kernow With Love.

It’s difficult to find the words to describe this leg of my journey. It is best to tell you that the pace dropped from 15-20 miles per day to no more than 10 m.p.d. The weather, I have pleasure in telling, was hot and sunny. It was so hot and sunny the backs of my hands were blistering despite multiple applications of sun cream each day.

Dotted along this stretch of coast there were people, myself included, lazing in the early summer sun and gazing across the vast ocean. Those that I passed while walking seemed to have been there for hours, and could have stayed for many more. No one appeared to be in much of a hurry. It matters not when time is seemingly at a standstill.

My progress was slow due to the continual inspection of this spectacular coast, carved by the constant action of the sea, and the irony had not escaped me that since leaving Lizard Point my destination was the Inland Limit, yet I was clinging, limpet style, to the shores of this island.

Camping out at the waters edge, high on cliffs and in the coves, watching the setting sun, I could have gone snap happy with the camera, capturing the sights. Yet the sights alone give only a partial view of what makes this corner of our island such a special place.

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