Way Out West.

I headed down from the summit of Ben Nevis by the tourist trail, a very busy and rather uninspiring route if like most of the people, used for both the ascent and descent. I camped in a sheltered spot offering a splendid view from the North. After another couple of days of gorgeous sunshine, ensuring my recovery from the lurgy was complete, I set off for Ardnamurchan.

Much of the walking was by road and the weather had turned, lots of rain and strong winds. However I reached the Western Limit on a day of clear skies and warmth, sunbathing by the lighthouse, in no particular rush. My progress was slow either because of very bad weather or due to very good weather, there was no happy medium allowing a greater daily mileage.

I really liked Ardnamurchan Point, it wasn’t nearly as busy as the Lizard or Lands End, yet more beautiful, with the views out across the sea to the islands, rising from the clear water. Eventually I headed off along the shoreline on the North coast of the peninsula, passed a group of seals basking on the rocks and pitched my tent as the evening brought the day to an end. The final leg of my journey would begin tomorrow.

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