The Three Bearers.


I have used three different backpacks over the years.
The largest, 60 + 15 litres Karrimor Alpiniste, served me well for the earlier walks, but there is a truth. If there is space in a suitcase or a rucksack, one will find things with which to fill it.
After searching for some time, I found the podsacs, Cragsac.
Since then, this 45 litre sack has been my pack of choice,
except for the shorter Tours in Switzerland.
For those, I used the smaller volume green Karrimor.
Each of these backpacks has side straps, enabling a tent to be carried on one side, and a sleeping mat, rolled up in a survival bag, on the other.



Coleman tripod stove and Butane/Propane gas canister.
Frying pan and large saucepan with detachable handle.
Insulated mug.
Titanium spork and Opinel knife.
Miniature cheese grater (for Parmesan).
Small bottle of HP Sauce (for bacon butties).
Plastic peppercorn grinder.
Scouring pad and miniature bottle of washing-up liquid.

Cooking essentials.


Soreen Fruit Loaves. Plenty of calories to start the day. Can be stuffed and squashed into a backpack.
Bacon butties. Always worth calling at a shop if passing one late in the day and picking up a treat to look forward to in the morning.

Pasta/Rice/Couscous. Lightweight, just add to boiled water in the pan. Tinned fish to make it a bit more interesting.


One person tent. Hilleberg Akto
First used for the 2004 Island Limits Challenge.
Sleeping mat.
The one piece of kit that has been with me since my very first night in a tent when I was in the scouts.
Sleeping bag (down filled).
Mountain Equipment Dreamcatcher 300./Cumulus Ultralight 350.
Sleeping bag liner.

wild camping speyside way scotland


Folding metal trowel.
Loo roll.
Moist wipes.
Hand sanitiser.

Human sanitation in the outdoors is as essential as other outdoor skills. If you need to urinate, do so at least 30metres from open water or rivers and streams. If you need to defecate, do so as far away as possible from buildings, from open water or rivers and streams and from any farm animals. Bury faeces in a shallow hole and replace the turf.


A small and simple first aid kit containing:
One emergency blanket.
One pair of disposable gloves.
One resuscitation mask.
One pair of scissors.
Two antiseptic wipes.
Two adhesive wound dressings.
Two emergency burncare gel sachets.
Three small vials of sterile eyewash.
Six small plasters...
...and a pack of assorted Compeed.